Fight for honor, realize the dream
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Fight for honor, realize the dream

Asia Baja (Liaoning Baja Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd.) Relying on the car race platform, combined with the project site of the geographical advantages of Inner Mongolia, focus on building green environmental protection industry concept, tourism, sports and cultural industry-based mode of consumption.

The project covers an area of about 5 square kilometers and is planned to build a 21km ring standard track that will be comparable to the current German Newber Green North Circuit, which is a sacred one for enthusiastic travelers and car manufacturers The temple, a long and rich connotation of the dream runway. Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other sports cars and European production sports car chassis tuning are completed in this track.

The future, the project site in China, will also have such an international standard track. It will undertake in addition to F1 events outside of any large domestic and international touring car championship (WTCC) (CTCC), the National Championship (CCC) line of athletic competition, go kart, super sports car racing, motorcycle racing and so on; the track site within the site, organized motocross (C0C), American cars, car feet drift race, rally, and short track Racer training camp.

"Asian BAJA" projects in addition to introduce cross-country rally in the United States, is also planning to all types of car racing, show and test drive experience and other activities, it will create a "car park Disney Chinese".

The values of "Asian BAJA" are: passion, challenge and optimism.

Our vision is to create China BAJA event introduction, Chinese off-road enthusiasts in the eyes of the palace level track; through large-scale events and create the holy land area to enhance cross-country track local visibility; create China "car park Disney".

Through the integration of tourism resources in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the increase of grassland culture and new car culture, in both science and accurately determine the Hom Road, planning, track. Let cross country rally and automobile culture travel to better develop the development of local tourism, to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits of the unity of the three. In response to the national "The Belt and Road" and the western development policy call.

2017 BAJA50 anniversary of the Asian BAJA tournament will shock landing in china. Let us witness the "Asian BAJA" in China was born in the Mongolia Plateau on Ten thousand steeds gallop!

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