Fight for honor, realize the dream
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Fight for honor, realize the dream

  Liaoning Tianhe Group was established in 1998, is a car service as the main body, car sales, customer service service, information feedback, professional education and training in one comprehensive enterprise group, the group consists of ten subsidiaries, namely Liaoning TRW Automotive Sales Service Co. Ltd., Shenyang Tianhe Automobile Sales Service Co. Ltd., Shenyang day lily car sales Services Limited, Anshan Tianhe Automobile Sales Service Co. Ltd., Anshan Tianhe auto sales & Service Co., Ltd. Haicheng branch, Jinzhou Tianhe Automobile Sales Service Co. Ltd., Jinzhou three car sales service limited company, Yingkou Jinju car sales Services Limited, mineral company, the Russian Far East Tianhe Tianhe trade limited company, in addition to authorized agent covers Shanghai GM Buick, Chevrolet, Honda and other brands of Guangzhou The sales and service business, will expand into forestry and mining areas, in recent years, the chairman of the Zhao Yongguo plan, the group began to expand the automobile culture market, has investment in the construction of the international standards of environmental protection go kart Museum, organized by the national sports car event, actively participate in the reform of national industrial upgrading, promote the automobile culture in the development of the northeast and even the whole country.

  After nearly 20 years of development, the group has determined in Liaoning TRW Automotive sales and service industry professional and authoritative position, Liaoning Tianhe (Buick brand 4S store) for six consecutive years by Shanghai GM awarded five star service center.

  From 2005 onwards, the group company under the leadership of chairman Zhao Yongguo, established the TRW off-road club, specialized in motor sport, to promote the automobile culture as the core of the automobile market development, has made brilliant achievements, especially in the past two years, the Group Chairman Zhao Yongguo went to the United States and South America, participated in the the famous "the Las Vegas desert autocross and Dakar rally, deepen the China of the world motor sport understanding of Zhao Yongguo as president of the Liaoning Province Automobile Motorcycle Sports Association and the Northeast China Federation of automobile sports, 2009 successfully held the" Liaoning special vehicle production base - Cup "Grand Prix in Tieling city of Liaoning Province, 2014 has successfully held the" national cross-country Championships venue (Shenbei New Area station) "attracted" known as the father of the United States - including "The title of Ivan Stuart Tu, including domestic and international famous game hand, has greatly promoted the popularization and improvement of the automobile sports culture, and has laid a solid foundation for the group to comprehensively promote the motor industry of the automobile.





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